Simplified: Cmtv News readers raised more than $5,000 for local nonprofit Journey of Hope during the month of June as part of the inaugural 'A Little Help' give-back campaign. We sat down with Journey of Hope to ask, what's next?

Why it matters

  • Cmtv News selected Journey of Hope as the recipient of the inaugural 'A Little Help' give-back campaign because of the nonprofit's straightforward approach to meeting people where they are and the simple act of providing hygiene products to those in need.
  • The funds raised last month will help provide 3,000 hygiene products, or about 600 hygiene kits, to folks who need them. For context, last year the nonprofit distributed a total of 18,000 hygiene products.
  • Additionally, about half of the $5,180 raised will be earmarked for art as therapy programming. That's enough to fund more than 25 hours of art instruction for kids at the juvenile detention center.
"It was very heartwarming to know the community is here to support their sisters and brothers," said Kari Palmer, who founded Journey of Hope with her husband, Darin. "I don't think people always see it that way, but we're all here to support one another. That was beautiful to me."

So, what happens next?

The work to inspire hope by meeting people where they are continues.

Journey of Hope also has a few upcoming events, including:

  • Participating in the mental health fair at Levitt at the Falls on Saturday, July 20.
  • Hosting an activity table at the Levitt's upcoming Mitakuye Owas’in "All My Relatives" festival on July 27.
  • Hosting a "Journey Through the Arts" show at Rehfelds on Thursday, Sept. 12 to showcase the art created through art as therapy sessions at the juvenile detention center.

Want to stay connected with Journey of Hope?

You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates.

You can also learn more here about volunteer opportunities and how to host a hygiene product drive.