Happy Monday! Megan here.

I'm so, so excited to introduce you to a new effort from Cmtv News called "A Little Help," a month-long fundraiser that'll make it easy for you to directly support folks who are making our city a better place.

  • The first iteration of this program kicks off this week. Throughout all of June, we will support Journey of Hope, a nonprofit aiming to ignite hope in people by meeting them where they are and providing them with essential hygiene products.

Tell me more about Journey of Hope

Darin and Kari Palmer started Journey of Hope about four years ago in memory of their late son, Sven Godwin, who died in February 2020 of an alcohol overdose after years of struggling with depression and addiction. He always carried a blue tote, and his parents knew he often needed a new pair of socks and access to basic hygiene items.

  • That's why the nonprofit hands out blue totes of basic necessities and hygiene products to people who are unhoused, re-joining society after incarceration, struggling with addiction or who just need a helping hand.
  • They've also expanded to help kids in juvenile detention and in local schools. And in addition to hygiene products, they offer the healing power of arts at some of the most unexpected places. Stay tuned – you'll learn a lot more about these programs and how they are meeting people right where they are on their journey.

Tell me more about 'A Little Help.' What is it, anyway?

Let me start with a little backstory. I used to work for a newspaper that ran a really cool, locally focused give-back campaign.

  • Every December, they'd pick a local charity, spend the entire month telling stories about the work the organization was doing, and raise money to help them keep doing that awesome work.

One year, I was the reporter selected to help tell those stories, and it was an experience that's stuck with me. There are so many amazing nonprofits in town doing amazing work, and it can be easy to let that work fall into the background if you're not directly impacted by it.

I want to bring back a similarly structured give-back effort, and I'm calling it, "A Little Help."

  • Because, I think the Beatles said it best – we all get by with a little help from our friends.

How is this all gonna work?

It's very simple. I don't do things any other way.

You're going to see a lot of stories about Journey of Hope this month. The hope is that you'll see the value in the organization's mission, build a connection and maybe even throw a couple bucks their way.

  • Each story will include a link to donate. You'll also see that link in a little blurb in every newsletter that hits your inbox this month.
  • Important note: When donating, be sure to write in the optional "notes" section that Cmtv News sent ya.

What's the goal?

The goal is to raise $5,000 to help Journey of Hope. It's an attainable goal – and all it'd take is for everyone reading this email to give $1.

I'm not great at the sales-y "for the price of one cup of coffee"-type schtick. But I do know that if you want to make an impact with the money you donate, donating locally is the way to do it.

And while I'm not great at the quick sales pitch, I am good at telling stories. My goal is to tell stories all month long about the impact Darin and Kari Palmer are having on our community.

  • I hope that by sharing their story, you'll feel as strongly as I do that their work is worth supporting.

What happens next?

I'll go ahead and get the ball rolling with a $50 donation from Cmtv News.

And whenever you're ready, you can go do the same (in any amount) here: