Simplified: This publication launched in February 2021 with a goal to bring smarter, easier news to Sioux Falls. Here's a look at how we're growing and what's in store for the next year.

Why it matters

  • Local news matters. It helps keep folks informed, and people who are informed about the forces that shape their community are more likely to participate and engage in that community.
  • The world of journalism is changing. More and more locally owned, digital-only news outlets are popping up across the country (just look at this study). Cmtv News is bringing this next-generation local news to the Sioux Falls metro area.
  • Cmtv News grew to more than 2,200 subscribers in less than a year. In 2022, that growth will continue, as will the amount of news coverage.

So, what's happening in 2022?

So much, and, frankly, probably some stuff I don't even know about yet.

But here are three things I do know will happen in the coming year:

The Simplified Welcome Guide will launch

Here's my hypothesis: People who feel welcome in a community are more likely to participate and engage in that community and the forces that shape it.

I want this guide to make community engagement accessible. It'll help folks easily understand things like local government, city history, the people who live here, the amenities and resources available and even some fun Sioux Falls-isms.

  • Part of that accessibility involves partnering with the Multi-Cultural Center to have the guide translated into Spanish, the second-most common language spoken in town.

It's also an opportunity for local businesses to reach new audiences. Ask me more about this, if you're interested. (

You'll start seeing two issues per week

I want to keep news simple, but I feel I can better serve you by bringing more timely news twice weekly rather than sticking to just once.

It's too soon to say when exactly this change will be implemented, but look for more in the coming months.

You'll see more opportunities to support this publication

Cmtv News news is free to read. But it isn't free to produce.

I love the work I do here, and I know many of you have enjoyed having your news simplified and sent directly to your inbox. In order to make sure this publication sustains through its second year in business, I'll continue to look for your support as paying members.

I'll also be looking for more businesses to partner with for my "Simplified Presents" sponsored content offering. Let me know if you're interested! (again,

How can you help me reach these 2022 goals?

I'm so glad you asked!

First, tell your friends about Cmtv News. Share this story or your weekly email newsletter with someone you know who might like simplified local news.

Second, consider financial support. The more support I have, the more I can do to hire journalists and bring you more of the local happenings.

Third, and most importantly, keep being awesome. I say this a lot, but it really is SO cool that you support local news. This is my dream job, and knowing that you are enjoying the stories I'm reporting fills me up with good feels.

Thank you! And Happy New Year!