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Simplified: Dirty floor mats? Silverstar can help.

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It's an inevitable problem, especially this time of year. Snow melts, rain falls, and the mud sticking to your shoes is bound to end up on the floor mats in your car.

You can shake them out all you want, but that level of dirt and grime can only really be cleaned with a hose and sprayer.

Feel free to drag out your own hose, but if you want to get the inside and outside of your car clean in the same place ...

Enter Silverstar

Silverstar unlimited pass holders know this trick, but now it's time to share it with the world.

  • Bring your floor mats to the front of the wash, and a Silverstar attendant will spray it down for you.

They've got powerful sprayers that will do a better job cleaning than your hose at home, and you can leave with a clean car inside and out.

"Part of our mission at Silverstar is convenience, and so when you come, we want to make it easy to leave with a clean car, including your floor mats," Regional Manager Andrea Vetos said.