Simplified: The City of Sioux Falls is looking to create a one-stop spot for the public to give input on all things walking, biking and other forms of "human-powered" transit. Enter the Active Transportation Board.

Why it matters

  • City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to advance a proposal to start this new board, which would essentially combine three existing committees – bicyclists, pedestrians and PATH (safe routes to school) – into a more official advisory board.
  • The new board – if approved – will review and recommend a number of plans for the City Council, including a bicycle plan, pedestrian plan and a "Complete Streets 2.0" plan, Urban Planner Fletcher Lacock told councilors.
  • The nine-member board will also be made up of the general public as well as city planners and a representative from the real estate and development world.
" You’ll have the passion of the people who want to get stuff done, but also stakeholders," Councilor Greg Neitzert said.

What would the new board's duties be?

The board would be responsible for making recommendations to the City Council on:

  • items related to active transportation, including the city's bicycle and pedestrian plans,
  • ordinance changes that affect biking, walking, etc.,
  • matters related to school traffic safety plans and programs.

The board would also be a place for the public to express concerns on all things related to active transportation.

"We’re looking for public engagement – people who have issues with crosswalks or anything like that," Lacock said. "The board can provide that voice for them to City Council."

What happens next?

The proposed board moves on to a second reading Dec. 13, when City Council will decide if it gets final approval.

If approved, the focus will then move to finding board members with the goal of having a complete board by Jan. 31, 2023.