Simplified: Paul TenHaken wants another four years at the helm of Sioux Falls city government. He announced his run for a second term during a press conference Monday.

Why it matters

  • TenHaken's first term so far has been eventful to say the least. He oversaw the aftermath of flooding, tornadoes and navigated the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Historically, incumbents win in these situations. An incumbent mayor in Sioux Falls hasn't lost a bid for re-election since 1974, according to City Clerk Tom Greco.
  • TenHaken also wants to focus on "keeping Sioux Falls investable" and encouraging what he calls "public entrepreneurship" with pilot projects like on-demand transit.  
"By all metrics, we are booming ... There's excitement in Sioux Falls right now that's really fun to be around," TenHaken said.  

What does TenHaken want to do with a second term?

During his announcement speech, TenHaken focused a lot on managing growth, a theme resonant also in his State of the City speech earlier this year.

Some other topics mentioned during his campaign announcement include:

  • Addressing housing shortages
  • Keeping up with crime
  • Emphasizing mentorship.
"My only agenda is Sioux Falls," TenHaken said.

What happens next?

The election is April 12, 2022. There will also be four open City Council seats on the ballot.