This is a paid piece from the Sioux Metro Growth Alliance.

Simplified: As more and more people move to the Sioux Metro, the region needs more housing. That's why the Sioux Metro Growth Alliance's annual Growth Summit is focusing on "Filling the Housing Gap." Here's what you need to know about the upcoming event.

Why it matters

  • Even with housing developments underway in several metro-area communities, the ever-growing need for housing is a near constant concern for the region.
  • That's why filling the housing gap is the primary focus of the upcoming Growth Summit scheduled for Sept. 20-21 in Brandon. It's the third year of the event, which was previously called the "Grow Smarter Conference."
  • The summit will focus on practical solutions to help communities take action regardless of what their unique needs are. The goal is to empower attendees with the tools they need to make a tangible impact on their local housing challenges.
"Getting together and sharing creative solutions that have worked successfully in individual communities is a way we can support each other so everyone wins in supporting regional growth," said Sharese Ihnen, board president of the Lennox Area Development Corp. and vice-chair of the board of Sioux Metro Growth Alliance.

Tell me more about the speakers

Daniel Herriges – editor-in-chief for Strong Towns – will address how to take a "Neighborhood First" approach to development by making small, incremental investments over time. He'll also

Jason Duff – founder of Small Nation Strong – helped revitalize the town of Bellefontaine, Ohio with dozens of building renovations, new apartments and nearly 200 new jobs.

Ty Eschenbaum is a managing partner at A1 Development Solutions. He'll speak about how people are at the heart of economic development, as well as the art of communication and collaboration required to make good projects into great projects.

Paul Forsting, AICP, is IMEG's Director of Planning for Montana. He's got extensive experience with land use and environmental planning, and he'll give a talk about collaborative planning for thoughtful neighborhood design.

The event will also feature a panel discussions on the topic of breaking down barriers to creative housing solutions through non-traditional funding strategies and leveraging all available resource.

  • A second panel discussion will address success in rural housing.

How can I get tickets?

Tickets are available on the Sioux Metro Growth Alliance website.

The deadline to purchase tickets is Monday, Sept. 11.