Simplified: You've probably seen them around town: "Happy 80th Birthday, Betty!" or "Welcome back to school!" in two-foot-tall, colorful letters. Meet the people who brought the yard card trend to town.

Why it matters

  • The yard cards have been around for at least a few years, but the rise in drive-by and outdoor celebrations during the pandemic really put them on the map nationwide.
  • Carly Logan opened a Sign Gypsies franchise in Sioux Falls in April 2019 after seeing the yard cards on a trip to Arizona. A year later, she was maxing out the number of signs she could rent at one time because demand was so high.
  • Jeannie and David Johnson tried to rent the yard signs for their daughters birthday in May 2020, and when they struggled to find availability, they saw an opening to bring another franchise, Card My Yard, to town a few months later.
  • Even as things reopen, both franchisees say they continue to see demand for yard cards.
"The pandemic made people more aware of this type of service, and I think more people are using it," Jeannie Johnson said.

What's the appeal of a yard card?

Like any greeting card, it's a way to make someone feel special in a personalized way, Logan said.

"I think everyone likes to be recognized," Logan said.

Johnson recalled renting signs for her daughter's 14th birthday.

"She stood out in an umbrella in the rain for like two hours, she was so excited," Johnson said.

Check out some examples