This is a paid piece from Silverstar Car Wash.

Simplified: It doesn't matter what role you start in, a job at Silverstar Car Wash has a clear path to help you grow your career within the company.

Why it matters

  • Silverstar encourages employees to grow their career within the company.
  • Those hired in entry-level positions – including a wash bay attendant or cashier – are given opportunities to cross-train and also learn more advanced skills like sales tracking or basic repairs.
  • Often, those who start in these entry-level jobs are able to move up – and sometimes quite quickly – to becoming a lead position, an assistant manager, and even a site manager.
"We love seeing our employees grow and develop within the company," Operations Director Andrea Vetos said. "It's important that we're providing the training and support they need every step of the way."

Tell me more about a typical career path

Many people start at Silverstar as either a cashier or a wash bay attendant.

  • Typically, you'll be cross-trained in either role. That means, if you start as a cashier, you'll probably learn some wash bay stuff, and vice versa.

Then, the next step is to become a lead position. These are the people who – true to the title – lead other cashiers or bay attendants.

Lead positions are then the first people Silverstar looks to when finding assistant managers.

  • Just look at Taylor Gjertson. She started as a cashier in the fall of 2021, was quickly promoted to lead and, she's recently achieved her goal of becoming an assistant manager.

Assistant managers receive experience in staffing, training and goal-setting, and ultimately they can advance to becoming a site manager.

How can I learn more about available jobs?

You can learn more and apply for available jobs on Silverstar's website.