This is a paid piece from Selah Space.

Simplified: Selah Space is offering a way for employers to support the overall wellbeing of their employees with a corporate wellness membership.

Why it matters

  • Employee retention is as important as it's ever been, especially with low-unemployment and workforce shortages in many industries.
  • Wellness memberships give employees discounts at Selah Space, but they can also be customizable to include things like corporate enneagram training.
  • It can also be a way for employers to offer support to their employees outside the workday, Selah Space Owner Jada Dobesh said.
"This is companies saying, 'We support you, and we want you to have this,'" Dobesh said.

How is a corporate wellness membership structured?

It depends on the size and unique needs of your team.

Memberships can be as simple as the company paying Selah Space membership fees, and then employees get the 25-percent member discount on all services.

They can also be customized to business needs.

What does it look like in practice?

One recent example was a group enneagram workshop Dobesh led for a group of employees at Jane Rae Events.

But Selah Space can also provide services for individual employees on their own time, too. With a membership, employees can use their discount for a reiki session, spiritual direction or spiritual healing, for example.

"This is once per month – or more – of someone taking care of you, tending to you," Dobesh said. "It's also the company saying, 'Yes, we care about your spirituality and also respect that boundary of letting you heal outside the workday.'"

How can I get started?

Reach out to for more information.