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Simplified: Enjoy your summer, but don't get so caught up in activities, travel and sunshine that you lose track of your wellness goals.

Why it matters:

  • Schools are out (or will be soon), and as lake days, bonfires, vacations and parties start to fill up the calendar, it'll be hard to not get lost in the hustle and bustle.
  • Selah Space is here to help. Owner Jada Dobesh came up with a short list of ways to stay organized and grounded all summer long.

Four ways to stay well this summer

  • Map it out: Fill out your June, July and August calendars with all of the events, birthdays, trips, weddings, etc. Then, look critically and feel empowered that you don't have to say yes to everything. Cross off some of those items that bring you more anxiety than joy.
  • Schedule, schedule, schedule: Mark off some "YOU" days on the calendar and stick to them. Keep up with your healing, whether its therapy, reiki or just a hot shower uninterrupted by kids.
  • Ritualize both treats and chores: Maybe it's going to the park every Monday or pulling weeds every Tuesday. Get into a rhythm that will help you be consistent in both the things that need to get done, and those you want to do.
  • Practice grounding: Here's where a look to the stars can help. Dobesh says your astrological sign can help you find the element of nature in which you'll feel most grounded. Pisces, for example, may feel most grounded in water, whereas a Virgo might feel more grounded with bare feet in the grass.

Need more wellness tips?

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