Simplified: South Dakota's 99th annual legislative session kicks off next week, and the next three months will determine how the state spends money and regulates its residents for the next year. Here's what you need to know to get involved.

Why it matters

  • Not every bill will impact every person, but it's a safe bet to assume at least something discussed in Pierre will impact you, personally.
  • That's why it's important to, number one, pay attention to what's going on. I'll do my best to recap the stuff that impacts Sioux Falls, specifically, but there's a whole team of reporters who are in the Capitol full-time.
  • It's also important to let the lawmakers who represent you know what matters to you. It's easy to do that by calling or emailing the three state lawmakers who represent your district. It's even easier because all of the Sioux Falls area lawmakers are listed below.

How do I figure out who to call?

First, it's important to know what district you're in.

  • Not sure? Type in your address to the "find my legislators" tool on the state website.
  • Then, you can easily find the names and contact information of the one state senator and two state representatives who represent you.

Already know your district? Or do you just want to reach out to everyone who represents Sioux Falls?

Here's a list of all of the Sioux Falls-area lawmakers, including their contact information.

Sioux Falls area lawmakers

District 2

  • Sen. Steve Kolbeck:, 605-359-3078
  • Rep. David Kull:, 605-261-9185
  • Rep. John Sjaarda:, 605-321-4073

District 6

  • Sen. Herman Otten:, 605-941-1770
  • Rep. Aaron Aylward:, 605-203-1061
  • Rep. Ernie Otten:, 605-368-5716

District 9

  • Sen. Brent Hoffman:, 605-215-7014
  • Rep. Bethany Soye:, 605-610-8467
  • Rep. Kenneth Teunissen:, 605-310-6458

District 10

  • Sen. Liz Larson:, 605-310-3317
  • Rep. Erin Healy:, 605-212-9597
  • Rep. Kameron Nelson:, 605-496-9655

District 11

  • Sen. Jim Stalzer:, 605-366-5874
  • Rep. Chris Karr:, 605-695-0391
  • Rep. Brian Mulder:, 605-610-6274

District 12

  • Sen. Arch Beal:, 605-336-3034
  • Rep. Greg Jamison:, 605-310-1930
  • Rep. Amber Arlint:, 605-670-0626

District 13

  • Sen. Jack Kolbeck:, 605-332-6490
  • Rep. Sue Peterson:, 605-371-1668
  • Rep. Tony Venhuizen:, 605-695-0777

District 14

  • Sen. Larry P. Zikmund:, 605-373-0975
  • Rep. Taylor Rehfeldt:, 605-391-4378
  • Rep. Tyler Tordsen:, 605-610-8884

District 15

  • Sen. Reynold F. Nesiba,, 605-371-6311
  • Rep. Linda Duba,, 605-610-6590
  • Rep. Kadyn Wittman,, 605-215-1617

District 16

  • Sen. Jim Bolin:, 605-261-9669
  • Rep. Kevin Jensen:, 605-336-6947
  • Rep. Karla Lems:, 605-212-6998

District 25

  • Sen. Tom Pischke:, 605-999-2948
  • Rep. Jon Hansen:, 605-610-8063
  • Rep. Randy Gross:, 509-280-2593

Where can I get day-to-day political news out of Pierre?

I recommend following Annie Todd with the Argus Leader, any of the folks at The Dakota Scout, as well as the team at South Dakota Searchlight, and – if you prefer a more audio medium – Lee Strubinger with SDPB is a seasoned pro out in Pierre as well.

  • That's not a comprehensive list, but it'll get you pretty dang far in keeping up on the ins and outs of session.
  • Just want the gist? Keep reading Cmtv News, where I can promise to keep you very informed about Sioux Falls and mildly informed about state lawmakers.