Simplified: From yoga on the field to corporate events to an early aughts punk festival, there's a lot more going on at the Birdcage than just baseball. It's all part of a concerted effort to create more energy around Sioux Falls Stadium.

Why it matters

  • The Canaries team was sold to new ownership in 2021, and President Brian Jamros took the helm in August 2022. Now, with his first full season under his belt, Jamros said he's ready to start thinking bigger than baseball.
  • Though the Birdcage was originally built in the 1960s, new ownership group True North Sports has made several upgrades to the facility including a new scoreboard, artificial turf and new seating behind home plate. That's paying off already, with attendance at games up 25% for the 2023 season.
  • And while a move to downtown appears to be off the table with this week's announcement of a vision to bring a convention center rather than a sports stadium to the Riverline District, Jamros and his team have been working to make connections with event promoters and
  • Jamros and his team have also been working over the last year to make connections with event promoters and see what other offerings they can bring to Sioux Falls. It's all about creating a vibe that makes people want to keep coming back.
"We tell our staff every day, we don't know who's coming to the stadium for the first time," Jamros said. "And we want it to be almost that 'Disney mentality' – unforgettable in a positive way."

Tell me more about non-baseball events

Jamros said the focus was on finding events that would bring a unique offering to Sioux Falls and, ultimately, get people to come to the Birdcage – especially if they haven't in awhile.

  • The facility is available for rent for corporate events, weddings, concerts, you name it, and Jamros said his goal is to see more organizations opting to hold their events at the stadium.
"If you can imagine it, we'll consider it," he said.

Beyond that, two festival events this summer aim to attract young adults to the park.

  • The Tacos and Tequila festival will take place Aug. 18 and feature, of course, tacos and tequila, but also performances from artists Lil Jon, Ginuwine, Chingy and more. (Tickets available here.)
  • Phase Fest, also known as "Not Just a Phase Fest," will bring late 90s/early aughts pop-punk including Simple Plan, Story of the Year, 3OH3, and Secondhand Serenade to a one-day festival on Aug. 19. (Tickets available here.)

What's next for the Birdcage?

There'll be more upgrades to come, including continued focus on upgrading seating and some improvements to the clubhouse to continue to attract players to the team.