This is a paid piece for the Sioux Metro Growth Alliance.

Simplified: Lights at Redway Park, renovated pool bathhouses and more park improvements are coming to Colton after an overwhelmingly successful city-led fundraising campaign.

Why it matters

  • Colton Mayor Trevor Bunde set a goal to raise about $10,000 to install lights at Redway Park. Community sponsors went above and beyond, raising more than double that amount for a total of $21,500 – and counting.
  • That funding will be used for the lights, as well as improvements to dugouts, a new concession stand, renovated pool bathhouses and a pool shuttle to help transport kids from Crooks to the Colton pool. It's also leading to even more discussion about cross-community partnerships.
  • With new lights, the Tri-Valley School District will be able to host baseball games at the park, which will also bring more traffic to Colton businesses like TJz Bar & Restaurant, where owner Kathy Lamer said she's already seen more customers as a result.
“Colton is an inspiration for other communities looking to increase the amount of resources available locally,” said Jesse Fonkert, president and CEO of the Sioux Metro Growth Alliance (SMGA).  

How did this all come together?

The city of Colton more than doubled its initial fundraising goal through a letter writing campaign in partnership with SMGA. Letters were sent to a number of community sponsors.

“This fundraising effort is proof of Colton’s willingness to invest in improving  their community,” Bunde said.

Tell me more about community partnerships

Colton is working with Crooks on a partnership to shuttle kids from Crooks to the Colton pool.

  • Sixty-five families have already expressed interest in participating.
  • Part of the funds raised in the campaign will be used to create an online membership registration portal that allows families to register their children for the summer.

Colton is also in talks with Baltic about a similar partnership.

What happens next?

The city of Colton is still seeking sponsorships for future park improvements and to support even more cross-community partnerships.