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Simplified: At age 14, Kobe Veland discovered his love of customer service in his first-ever job as a cashier for a concession stand. Now, he feels that passion every day in his role as a cashier at Silverstar Car Wash.

Why it matters

  • Veland, now 22, started at the 57th Street and Graystone Avenue Silverstar location about eight months ago and says he's really enjoyed his time there.
  • As a cashier, he's often the first point of contact for Silverstar customers, and he enjoys being able to help them with whatever they need.
  • And while his passion for customers is strong, Veland is equally passionate about maintaining relationships with his coworkers and learning from them, too.
"Just watching their work ethic inspires me to work harder as well," he said.

Q&A: Meet Kobe Veland

This segment has been edited and shortened for clarity. Answers are all from Veland.

What's your background? What got you interested in customer service? My first job at age 14 as a cashier at a concession stand – that kinda started my customer service journey. Before Silverstar, I worked for three years as a server at Hu Hot.

What led you to take a job at Silverstar? I was ready for a new opportunity, something other than the food business. I never really had much knowledge about vehicles or car washes in general, and so I also figured this was a good way to learn about cars and also stay in the customer service business by helping out at the window.

What's your favorite thing about working at Silverstar? My coworkers. They're all really nice people. They love to help each other out and make sure nobody's left behind and we're all caught up on our work.

What's something about Silverstar you think customers don't know but should? We are pretty family-oriented here. We all like to make sure everybody's having a good day, and helping each other out if need be – just making sure nobody gets left behind. We're really, really all working together here as a pretty close-knit group.

What do you do when you're not working? I like to hang out with my dog, a Black Mouth Cur named Cato. I also hang out with friends, and since the pandemic, I've been hanging out at home more often.

Learn more about Silverstar

Silverstar has 10 locations – with one more in the works – in Sioux Falls. You can learn more about their unlimited wash program here, and if you're looking to work with folks like Kobe, find job openings here.