This is a paid piece from the Sioux Metro Growth Alliance.

Simplified: Baltic's new mayor has a sales background, a passion for public service and an eye toward growth in the future. Meet Deborah McIsaac.

Why it matters

  • McIsaac started her new role last month. She said her desire to become mayor stemmed from more than 15 years of leadership roles in various volunteer and professional groups.
  • She's also taking over a growing town. Baltic has seen additional housing developments in recent years, and last year, the town saw 20% growth in sales tax revenue.
  • Despite some early turmoil and leadership turnover early in her term, McIsaac said she is focused on open communication, fiscal responsibility and encouraging active citizenship.
"Our council is engaged and genuinely cares about citizen concerns and interests," McIsaac said. "We have the right people at the right time to do the right things for the growth and success of Baltic."

What's on the horizon for Baltic?

A lot of things, McIsaac said.

"We are just beginning to wrap our arms around them all," she said. "My advice? Stay tuned."

In terms of growth, the new mayor said she plans to start by focusing on better understanding the needs and expansion opportunities of Baltic's existing commercial base.

She then wants to learn the best uses for the current commercially zoned areas in town and maximize the opportunities there.

Finally, McIsaac wants to look farther out, and – keeping in mind Baltic's future goals – start to work with landowners to plan what the future of the town might look like.

Along the way, the town's partnership with the Sioux Metro Growth Alliance will help accomplish those goals.

"We're looking forward to working more with Mayor McIsaac and her bold vision to bring more opportunities to Baltic," President and CEO Jesse Fonkert said.