Simplified: The downtown SculptureWalk has grown to become the largest annual exhibit of public art in the world. Here's a look at what's coming in its 20th season.

Why it matters

  • SculptureWalk this year will feature 67 new sculptures created by artists from 20 different states and three countries.
  • The new sculptures will be installed on May 6, bringing an entirely new look to Phillips Avenue and the greater downtown area.
  • Each year, the city purchases the sculpture that gets the People's Choice vote, which means over the last 20 years the city has added as many pieces of artwork to Sioux Falls.
"The mission of SculptureWalk is, really, art for the people," SculptureWalk curator Jana Anderson told City Council Tuesday. "It's there to be fun. It's there to pique your interest."

Show me the art

Here's a look at some photoshopped renderings of what downtown will look like when the new pieces are installed.

If you want to see even more of the sculptures coming downtown, you can check out the full presentation given to City Council here.