Simplified: Developers have submit at least four formal proposals to build a mixed-use development downtown, and there's "strong interest" in the two surface lots the city is considering selling, said Dustin Powers, community development coordinator.

Why it matters:

  • The city has been talking for some time about redeveloping surface lots in downtown. The most recent example of this in action is the City Center building.
  • The goal is to create a downtown that's more dense and walkable, city officials say.
  • The city is currently taking proposals for redevelopment of two lots: 400 S. First Ave., across from Nyberg's Ace, and 301 N. Main Ave., just north of the downtown library.

What do the proposals look like?

It's too soon to say. City officials aren't ready to share them publicly.

That said, it's likely they'll be some sort of mixed-use facility with some combination of retail, residential, restaurant and office space.

"The market is going to dictate how much mixed-use you can have ... We do know housing's got a strong market in downtown right now," Powers said.

Will there still be enough parking downtown?

Yes, according to Public Parking Facilities Manager Matt Nelson.

The idea is to push traffic toward ramps instead of surface lots, Nelson added. It all goes back to the goal of creating more density downtown.

And as new developments continue to pop up in downtown, the city is projecting another 2,000 parking spots will be added to the mix.

What happens next?

City officials will evaluate the four proposals on-hand (three for First Avenue and one for Main Avenue), as well as any others that are submitted.

Once a proposal is selected – likely this summer, Powers said – it'll go before the City Council to vote on selling the land to the developer.