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What is Cmtv News?

Cmtv News cuts through the clutter and delivers bullet-pointed, bite-sized local news directly to your inbox.

No jargon. No opinion content. No B.S.

This is news for people who live in the Sioux Falls metro area and want to stay informed but don’t currently have a sustainable news habit – either because of cost barriers or because their information needs aren’t met by legacy media outlets.

  • We publish twice weekly with email newsletters delivered Wednesday and Friday mornings.

Who's behind this?

Hi, Megan Raposa here.

I’m an award-winning journalist and a lifelong South Dakotan. I know Sioux Falls because I’ve lived, worked, played and started a family here. I know news because I’ve worked nearly a decade as a professional journalist and freelance reporter, most recently as an editor for the Sioux Falls Argus Leader.

I started Cmtv News because I wanted quick, easy-to-read news that left me feeling empowered and informed rather than sad and tired.

Show me the numbers

What our readers are saying:

“I love the local community focus. I can get news, events, and more from one source that makes it easy to read. I also love the support you give specifically to local businesses and organizations.”

What our clients are saying:

“Megan did a great job working with us to learn about our company and highlight the information we wanted to share. She dug in, suggested ideas, and simplified our message to help people in Sioux Falls really understand the topics we wanted to get out there. We’re happy to support her as a trustworthy, local news source!” said Marissa Begley, Marketing Director at Millennium Recycling, Inc.

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